Lubricating and Cleaning Your Handpiece

  1. Disconnect your handpiece
  2. Lubricate the handpiece by placing 3 to 4 drops of lubricant into the drive air oriffice, which is at the rear of the handpiece.
  3. Reconnect handpiece work the lubricant through and get the excess lubricant out by running the handpiece for 10 seconds. Make sure you never operate the handpiece without the bur in place.
  4. Remove the bur from the handpiece.
  5. Disconnect the handpiece again.
  6. Using isopropyl alcohol or water only, clean all of the handpiece's external surfaces. Never immerse the handpiece in any liquid, especially acids, chlorines, or chemical disinfectants.
  7. Place the handpiece in a paper or paper plastic sterilization bag. Never use all plastic bags. Do not exceed 375 degrees F (135 degrees C).
  8. Allow the handpiece to cool to room temperature before operating.
  9. Repeat operation 2 and 3 for longer bearing life.
  10. Note: Handpiece drive air pressure should not exceed 35 PSI at the handpiece. Increasing pressure can damage damage bearings and decrease turbine life. (40 PSI at chair)